Monday, November 3, 2008

It's been a better Monday

I got the news today in an 11:12 AM email from my wife:

Phillip Fulmer to part ways with the Vols.

Let's clap Phil off the field, shall we?

And who should replace him? Well, after reading an article that I was linked to through SESB, it should be Will Muschamp.

I am sure there are a lot of great coaches out there but after reading this man's track record I think it has to be him. I know a couple of people who have played for UT or still do. They have all told me the players still 'want' to play for Fulmer. But, actions speak louder than words. Every comment I have read about this guy says that his players respect him immensely. This is what UT needs, a coach to bring the fire back to Neyland Stadium.
A guy this morning said that we should keep Fulmer one more year because our recruits coming in are exceptional. From the news reports I've read, our recruiting classes are always good but our talent seems to wain. I've always felt this was a coaching issue. So why keep Fulmer one more year so he can ruin our next recruits?
But, while my criticism of Fulmer is coming close to it's end I will still say this. The University of Tennessee has a big opportunity right now. This job is very attractive. Top ten recruiting classes, 107,000 people, recent national championship, revive the program, etc.
WE NEED TO MAKE SURE WE GET THE RIGHT PERSON! There is no point in getting someone to walk away from their job unless you are going to better the situation. And while I realize the situation could get worse almost anything is better than this year...

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