Tuesday, November 4, 2008

I was a little impressed

I watched the press conference over the Internet and was a little impressed...

Phil cares more than I think he gives off on the field. While watching games I sometimes wonder if he is connected to reality or not. It's probably just a personality difference between he and I but I sometimes have wondered if he can see the scoreboard; or if the score even matters.

A lot of people on our local news are angry with Mike Hamilton. He's in a catch-22 situation if there's ever been one. One thing though, I don't hear people complaining that Bruce Pearl isn't forever committed to the Vols.

The fact of the matter is we live in a day where coaches are bought. It was nice to have a coach who had been here for so long and was so dedicated to the program but it's rude to ask your fans to pay $70? $80 a ticket and not at least give them a show.

I understand that Phil was angry yesterday and very upset. I understand that Mike Hamilton is on his hit-list-napkin. But I feel that he tried to take the focus off of the obvious; you're just not winning, when you should be. No, it's not about Saturday mornings when you're in the kids homes. And while I love watching these kids play I am more worried about the fans. It's the fans that pay big money for tickets and some pay quite big to keep season tickets. Family of mine has dropped 10K at times to keep their seats. Some of these players aren't committed to TN; Jamal Lewis, Kelly Washington? Some of these players don't get to see the field as much as they should have; Joey Matthews, Jim Bob Cooter?

There is no reason to think that our next coach won't commit to UT. I think it's a very attractive job. Right now the only reason I see someone leaving would be to coach at their Alma-mater.

But like I started out by saying, after seeing the press conference I wish Phil the best in life. If he wants to be a part of UT football then I hope he takes the opportunity to stick around. It's not that he isn't valuable to UT, it's just that his days of coaching are probably over.

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